Blogtober Day 3 – Car

Cars have always been a big part of Adam’s life and subsequently mine. Although not so much since we moved away from Devon. Adam is a level 3 qualified mechanic with a real passion for modifying cars, which then moved on to camper vans when he started working for a camper van conversion company. He still occasionally does some work on friends and families cars but gone are the days of moulding a new dashboard or fitting a new body kit.
I on the other hand have never really had much of an interest in cars. For some reason i have always wanted an Audi TT. To be honest i would still like to own one at some point. But for now I’m happy with my Insignia. It has been the perfect family car for us over the last year. The boot is huge and to be fair the whole car is much bigger to anything that i had before. When we first got it it felt like Olivia was so far away in the back.
Not going to lie i was a little disappointed when i had to get rid of my my little beetle when we found out i was pregnant. I really did love that car. But looking back it was definitely the right thing to do. For a start we couldn’t even get Olivia’s pram to fit in.
What would your dream care be?
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