Blogtober Day 12 – Our Wedding Day

8th June 2017 –  The most perfect day, our wedding day.

When my mum first suggested that Adam and I get married in Cyprus i thought she was mad. I didn’t even mention it to Adam. Then when Adam suggested the same thing a couple of days i found myself thinking maybe they are on to something here. We would have nice weather pretty much guaranteed and we would definitely get to have a holiday this year. To top it off even with the price of our flights it work out so much cheaper.

The only thing that was niggling in the back of my head was trying to organise a wedding from a different country. How was that going to work? But we did it and the day couldn’t of been any more perfect. Although the planning wasn’t all plane sailing.

When the first reception venue we had fell through i was left wondering what the hell are we going to do now? Invites had already gone out at this point. How was i going to find another venue to hold it when i was in a different country? But after hours our scouring the internet i found two places which not only looked perfect but had great reviews too.

After lots of emails we going back and forth we settled on the Garden of Eden for the reception and the Ayia Napa Town Hall for the ceremony. Two places that we hadn’t actually ever seen in real life before.  A few days later, just when we thought we were getting somewhere, it came to light the ceremony and the reception had been booked for different. At this point i was starting to think that it just wasn’t meant to be.

Thankfully our wedding co-ordinator who works for the Venue managed to jiggle everything around for us. The ceremony and the reception was now going to be held at the Garden of Eden and on the same day. Always a bonus to have your wedding reception after the ceremony and not the next day. Once the venue was sorted everything else just seemed to fall in to place.


On the day of the wedding the morning is a bit of a blur. I was up, at the salon and then back and in my dress and in the car. The car had turned up 10 minutes early and rather than making him wait i just rushed around getting into my dress and off we went. This resulted in us then being early for the service so we had to take the scenic route and ended up sitting up the road in the car waiting for what seemed like forever.

Eventually though it was time to walk down the isle and i found myself overcome with emotion. It was like i hadn’t even had time to breathe. For most of the walk down the isle i was looking down at the floor trying to hold myself together. I made it to end though and through the ceremony without anymore tears.

We opten for a Cypriot Meze as our wedding breakfast. Which was definitely the right decision everyone commented on how good the food was and how stuffed they were. For pudding we had our wedding cake. It seemed such a shame to cut our beautiful naked cake but it would of just gone to waste.


Looking back it really was the most perfect day. If your getting married soon make sure you relax and enjoy yourself. Its all over and done with to quickly. I defiantly want to renew our vows in the future so that we can do it all other again.

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