Blogotober Day 8 – Flying with a Toddler

Our go to Holiday destination in Cyprus, which means a four hour flight with a toddler. A whole four hours of feeling on edge. What if she screams the plane down? What if she won’t settle? How am i going to keep her contained for that long?

We always try to go for evening flights with the idea that she will then sleep. So far, we have flown twice with Olivia being aged 1 and then 2 at time, she has been really good. I’s all about some careful planning. Here are my top tips for flying with a toddler –

Let them run wild at the Airport

In the aim of letting Olivia tire herself out we let her run around the airport like a crazy person. We have always travelled with her grandparents so we all take it in turns to do laps of the airport with her as well as having a wonder around the shops.

Do Not Board Early

The longer you spend on that plane the longer you have to try and keep them contained. We never rush to the boarding line. I would much rather be last to get on the plane.

Entertainment for the Plane

I pack Olivia a little back of some of her favourite toys and then some new little toys. Book are always a big hit with her so i make sure i have some of those too.


And lots of them. I find snacks are always a winner. If you are having a meal on the plane, you can also order one for younger children that don’t have their own seat.

Download Some Children’s Games and Apps

Before you board download some age appropriate games on your tablet or smart phone. Maybe even a couple of episodes of one of their favourite programmes.

Use the Aisle

Don’t be afraid to get up and go for a couple of trips up and down the aisle. Sometimes you they just need to go for a little walk to get those ants out their pants.

So there you have it my top tips for flying with a toddler. Don’t stress and enjoy your next family adventure.

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7 thoughts on “Blogotober Day 8 – Flying with a Toddler”

  1. Great tips for travelling with a toddler. We always went and stocked up on colouring books and stickers from the pound shop to keep Lily entertained on flights! #blogtober17

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