Blogtober Day 7 – Where Will I Be in 5 Years Time

5 Years a go i was 22 years old without a care in the world. We had moved to Hertfordshire the year before and were starting to make friends and find our feet with our jobs. Fast forward 5 years and we have moved twice, have a beautiful daughter and our married.

Looking back at all that we have achieved makes me excited for our future. Thank you Jess for for the Where will i be in 5 years time tag – you can read all about her goals here.


I love our little cottage that we are living in now. But i don’t see us still her in 5 years time. Adam is getting itchy feet already but we shall see. At the moment it’s our perfect family home, even if we are renting. We will definitely stay in the same area.


Im currently completing my level 5 in childcare which will be completed next year. I’m still undecided if i would like to go on to the Qualified Teacher Statues after that. I do love my job and am so happy with how far i have come so far.


We love going to Cyprus each year but there are also other places i would love to visit. During the next 5 years i defiantly want to take Olivia to Disney Land and also to Lapland at Christmas. Both would be the most amazing experience. I also want to go on more weekends away/holidays in the UK.


Not really either of our strong points. We are getting there though. Im hoping that in 5 years time we will be financially stable.


I’m an only child and always thought that i would only have one child myself. But now I’m not so sure. It doesn’t fell like our little family is quite complete yet. In 5 years time i think we may have added another addition to the family and become a family of 4.

I tag Cherry from The Newby Tribe and Rhi from Toy Infinity


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