words hurt

When Words Cut Deep

Ever feel like your toddler doesn’t like you?

Getting told by anyone that they don’t like you is bad enough. But when your child says those words its heart breaking.

Olivia is such a daddy’s girl at the moment, which to be honest isn’t anything out of the ordinary. But the things that she says and the way that she is towards me has changed. I do everything that I can of her, she is the centre of my world.¬†What have I done wrong to be told ‘I don’t like you mummy I love daddy’, ‘Daddy live my house not you’, ‘you boring all day and all night’.

Do I not spend enough time with her?

Have I let her down?

Deep down at nearly 3 years old I know she probably doesn’t even understand what she is saying but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

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