Why I hate Peppa Pig

Whilst I would love to say that we aren’t ruled by screens in our house, that would be a lie.

TV, smart phones, iPads, kindles and laptops all feature highly in our daily routine. But we do play games and read too, we aren’t complete screen addicts.

Parents that have a blanket ban on electricals I salute you. But you aren’t going to be able to avoid it forever. After all we are living in the digital age.

And anyway sometimes its nice to have 20 minutes to put the shopping away and get the dinner on without having a toddler trying to ‘help’ or hang from your leg whilst daddy still isn’t home.

Having a toddler that watches Children’s TV means that I have come across a fair few programmes myself. That is why I thought I would share with the reasons why I hate Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig is rude

I cannot be the only person that has realised this. Not only is she a bossy little madam but she is constantly mean to George, she is rude to her parents and generally just a bit of a whinge bag.

George is a cry baby

Now I understand that he’s a baby. But seriously he is giving all of the babies out their a bad name. He cries at absolutely everything.

All of the animals are the same size

Apparently Elephants and Pigs are now the same size. I know its just a programme and this is a minor fact that probably doesn’t even cross the minds of our little ones but they are either living in a world with little elephants or rather big pigs.

Miss Rabbit has so much time on her hands

Is there actually any job that Miss Rabbit doesn’t have? She is a bus driver, helicopter pilot, librarian, firefighter, shoe shop assistant and works in the coffee shop. Im sure there are even more jobs that she does that I have missed from the long list. I mean what person has that much time on their hands to do all of those jobs. If your a parent you definitely dont. She must be exhausted. She should probably talk to a doctor, but wait a minute she probably is the doctor.

But the main reason I hate Peppa Pig is theĀ SNORTĀ 

The snort that our toddler has now taken to randomly doing. When she is playing. At the end of her sentences. Just whenever you feels like. Sometimes I don’t even think she knows that she is doing it. It has just become a habit. When asked who makes that nose she proudly announces ‘daddy pig’. So daddy pig thank you. Thank you for the only thing that you have taught our two year old, to snort at the end of every sentence.

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