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A Valentine’s Love Letter

Dear Husband,

When we met 8 years ago in a McDonald’s carpark who knew we would be where we are now?

Back then I knew all the songs in the charts. I went out drinking, sometimes two nights in a row. Now? Well now I can’t even remember the last night that we went to a nightclub. Going out now means a quick dinner, often with the toddler in tow.

We dated, we had no cares in the world. Our week nights were spent playing xbox and watching films our weekends out with friends, a drink in hand partying the night away. And then we had Olivia. Nights were then spent sleepless with a bottle of milk in hand. Days were spent tackling mountains of washing and holidays have never been the same.

I changed, you changed, we became parents. But I just wanted you to know that I still love you as much as those days we used to dance the night away. It’s just that sometimes that love is hidden by the petty little arguments and the daily frustrations.

Dispute my angry outbursts and little tantrums becoming parents has made us even stronger as a couple. last year when we got married it felt like we made or family complete. We are a solid little unit, as long as we have each other we can conquer the world. Our memories don’t evolve around drunken antics, ok so some of them may, but around the proud moments Olivia reaches a new milestone and the family days out that we enjoy together.

I can’t promise there will be a home cooked meal on the table every night. I can’t promise that we won’t bicker or that I won’t get cross at you for silly little things. But what I can promise is that I love you just as much as the first time that I said it. Thank you for all that you do and sorry for being a d**k sometimes.

Love Me x


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