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My Top Tips for Potty Training

Do the words potty training leave you with a feeling of dread? Have you tired before and ended up feeling defeated, becoming reluctant to try again? I’ve put together my top potty training tips to support you along the way.

Getting Started

Make sure they are ready. Are they able to tell you if their nappy is dry or wet? Or have they started to tell you when they need a poo or a wee? If so then they are ready. Just because your child has reached a certain age does not mean that they ready. They need to have that awareness in place to make the transition from nappies to pants as smooth as possible.

Make sure you are ready. There are going to be accidents, thats a given. The potty training process can take days and some times it can take weeks. The most important thing is that you stay calm throughout.

Getting Them Used to the Idea

Make them feel involved along the way. Take them shopping to buy their own pants and even a potty. This will allow them to have a sense of pride and also responsibility.

Pre-train. By this I mean introduce them to a potty/toilet seat, whatever you are going to use to make the transition. Let them sit on it, even if when wearing their nappy. Talking about what potty’s and toilets are used for.

Now Go For It

When? Try and do it a time when you know you have a few days staying close to home. To begin with you may find that they need to go quite often. If they go to nursery or you have a childminder/nanny make sure that they are aware of your plans and that you work in partnership with each other.

How? If you are going out during the first few days make sure your aware of where toilets are situated in the places uni visit. Make sure that you take some changes of clothes with you and something to put any clothes that have been subject to an accident. To begin with I would ask your child every 30 minutes if they need the toilet. If they are having a few accidents then cut that time down or if they aren’t going that often make the gaps in between longer.

Potty Training Do’s and Dont’s

Don’t make your child sit on the potty for longer than a couple of minutes. If they want top get up, even if they haven’t done anything then let. Giving lots of praise for trying.

Do you use lots of praise, especially for the first successful wee or poo.

Don’t confuse them by sometimes putting them in pants and some times in nappies. Once the transition to pants has been made its important to stick with it.

Do avoid fiddly clothes. They need to be able to get quick access to the potty or toilet.

Don’t make a big fuss when accidents do occur. A quick change and reminder of where we do our wee’s and poo’s is all that is needed.

Do think about a reward/sticker chart to reinforce this new routine.


Most children do pick up potty training really well, especially if they are 100% ready. But if your child doesn’t don’t feel defeated just stick with and one day they will surprise you.

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