My Toddler No Longer Needs Me

That’s right my toddler no longer needs me.

I mean don’t get me wrong in some ways she does. She isn’t making her own dinners at 2 years old. But for some every day things I’m suddenly being made redundant.

Over the weekend i realised just how grown up Olivia-May is becoming. I watch her sometimes and find myself wondering when did she become so grown up? What happened to our tiny innocent baby that relied on us for everything.


Independence isn’t a thing to be knocked. I want her to grow up to be an independent women but at the same time it fills me with mixed emotions. Our children grow up so quickly. In the blink of an eye the days of snuggling a newborn are gone. The only time Olivia-May now wants cuddles is if she is overly tired or has hurt herself.

She’s not yet toilet trained but when she chooses to can independently take herself to use the toilet or potty. Often proudly bringing me a potty full of wee that she has sloshed over the sides on her way.

When we say its time for bed she will go up to her room get a nappy and pick out some pj’s. Bringing them back downs stairs and presenting them to which one of us she wants to get her ready for bed.

When i took her and a friend to the farm at the weekend she went off to play without a backward glance. Previously she has insisted that Adam or I ‘come’. This is such a positive that she is able to develop friendships were she feels confident to go off but it left me feeling a little lost. What was i to do while they were having fun on the bouncy castle and in the soft play?

There are so many little things that she does and i often think how does she even know how to do that? I love that she now has a little friend next door that she can play with and our close friends have just had  babies as its important that she has people she can grow up playing with. But at the same time what about me, what am i supposed to do while she is off having fun?

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