Olivia-May – Two Year Update

This morning we woke up the proud owners of a two year old. A beautiful, stubborn, happy and fierce individual who has turned our lives upside down and inside out. I really can’t believe that you are two already.

Over the last couple of weeks you really seemed to have grown up once again. In the car on the way home you ‘talk’ about your day. Mentioning names of the other children and other random words. You want to help with everything that daddy and I do, getting very cross if we don’t let you. I mean why wouldn’t we let you take your own dinner out of the oven? Or drill a hole in the wall?


Your generally really happy although you let it be known when you aren’t getting your own way. You went through a faze of crying when i dropped you off at nursery each morning but thankfully this has passed. Its utterly heartbreaking see you upset and distressed. Even when i know that it doesn’t last long.


Daddy has put you bed 98% of the time but recently you have been asking for me to. Although daddy says i don’t do it right because i don’t take long enough. You usually stay in your bed though and go to sleep quiet quickly. There have been a few occasions though when i have then had to ask daddy to come and get you to stay in bed. Mummy is the weak link you see and would just let you stay up.


You are a little snack monster. You will literally graze all day. Whether its on fruit, yogurts, biscuits or pretty much anything that you can get your hands on. You generally still eat your meals though. You are still fussier with your meals at home than at nursery, but the main thing is that you eat something.


You much prefer it when daddy or i play with y0u. You will often ask us to sick or take our hand to show us where you would like us to go. Puzzles and threading are your favourite things to do at the moment and you love being out in the garden. Especially if our neighbours little boy is out. Most days as soon as we get home you ask for garden and then stand at the gate calling his name. Of course if he isn’t there to play its mine of daddy’s fault.


Even though its amazing watching you grow and develop at the same time i would love for time to stand still so you don’t have to grow up anymore. Today your 2nd Birthday has me full of mixed emotions. Your no longer our little baby but a fully fledged toddler. Yesterday watching you play in your new book area and listening to you talk to your teddies melted my heart. Your just adorable and i know i say it all the time but every day you make me so proud. Have a great Birthday little one and always remember ‘i love you so so much’.


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