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Olivia-May Today you Turn 3

Olivia- May

Our kindhearted, headstrong, beautiful little girl…

…today your turn 3 years old.

I know I say it all the time but where has the time gone? You are growing up so fast.

Sometimes I forget just how young you still are. You have such a mature head on such young shoulders. You seem much older than your years and your confidence astounds me.

Your so caring and affectionate towards others. When nanny fell and hurt her ear you were so concerned about her and still now weeks on you still ask her if her ear is ok.

You always try your hand at new things and learn new skills very quickly. Your never scared to get stuck in and definitely know your own mind.

You have a huge imagination which shines through when playing with your dolls and teddies. But you also love using daddies tools and digging in the mud in the garden. You are such a free spirit that makes us very proud every day.

I can’t wait to see how your personality develops over the next year and the new things that you learn.

Happy Birthday my little princess I hope you have a fantastic day.

All my love, today and always.

Mummy x x x

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