30 month update

Olivia-May – 30 month update

30 months, two and a half.

We have managed to keep you alive for two and half years. There’s no stopping us now. And do you know what they have been the best two and half years of my life. You have turned our lives upside down and inside out.

Some days are pretty testing but i wouldn’t have it any other way. You bring so much joy, love and laughter to our lives. Whenever I’m having a bad day you are always there to put a smile back on my face. You are the craziest, funniest and loudest little girl that i know. Every day you make me so proud.


Your a talker. Often asking the same question over and over. It’s like you think if you ask enough times the answer may change. But no daddy is still at work, you cannot have more sweets and yes i am cooking the dinner.

You pick new words up really quickly and often repeat things that you hear the people around you say. Some words can sometimes be questionable but i give you the benefit of doubt.

We have recently been practicing your counting. You seem to like counting in two’s or will miss out the number 3. We will get there eventually.

You have got a bit of an attitude at time. It’s so hard not to laugh sometimes. I try really hard but i just can’t help it. Daddy loves to wind you up on purpose and you get so cross with him. When you are annoyed you revert to calling him Adam instead of daddy. “No Adam” is a phrase that i often hear.


You don’t seem to have got any taller. You are still in 18-24 months clothes. Although i am starting to put you into some of your 2-3 years. You can’t be walking around in Summer clothes for the rest of the year. You like to copy me and step on the scales so i know that you still way 1 stone 13lb pounds. Even after the 3 bowls of cereal you like to have for breakfast at the weekends. I wish that i could eat like you and not put on any weight, But you are very active so this is obviously why. You are always on the go and have no fear at all.

You are now toilet trained. This makes me incredibly proud, especially after the failed attempt we had a few weeks back. I still put a nappy on you over night but since going back to nursery in knickers you have woken up every morning dry. Once we have used the last of the nappies up i won’t bother buying any more.

You still love mark-making activities. Whether is writing in a notebook, colouring or painting. You hold mark-making tools in a confident tripod grip and your showing a lot more control over your marks.

Eating and Drinking

You are a really good eater at the moment although meal times can be a bit of a struggle if you are tired. During the week you have three meals at nursery and then when we get home we have dinner together. Sometimes you don’t want any other days you will eat another full meal. You can feed yourself with a spoon and a fork but often just use your hands. Its so much quicker that way.

You love any kid of sauce. And i really do mean any. Ketchup, salad cream, sour cream and chive even curry sauce from the chip shop.

You love juice. We have been trying to cut down on this recently. You will drink water but we have just got into the habit of giving you a bottle of juice. You can drink from open cups without spilling any. I often find the little cups in your home corner filled with juice,


You go to bed around 8. That may seem a bit late but it works for us. By the time we have got home, had dinner, bathed you and spent some together most of the evening has been and gone. Daddy usually takes you up to bed although recently you have asked for me to do this a few times. You usually sleep through the night, Although a few times you have woken really distressed. I’m not sure if this is because of the cough that you have had or because of bad dreams.

You still have one nap during the day, You can’t quite cope without it yet. If we go out for the day you will usually last until about 3 o’clock and then crash. At nursery you have a nap straight after lunch. At the weekends you wake between 7 and 9. It all depends on what we have been doing.

Other Skills/New Things 

Imaginative play is still a big love of yours. Whether its with your babies, teddies or in your home corner. I think your favourite has to be doing babies nappy and using the baby wipes to clean its face. I love nothing more than watching you play when you don’t realise that i am there.

You love all of your orchard toys games at the moment. Each night before you go to bed we have been trying to play at least one with you. I love having this family time.

electric car

Your car electric car is also a big hit at the moment. Daddy got it back out for you other day and you have been playing in it ever since. the other night you even asked to take it up to bed with you. Your driving skills still some practice and i think at this rate the walls are going to need repainting.

You are going up so quickly I think you are at the perfect age at the moment. Full of personality, independent enough but still rely on daddy and I.

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