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Olivia at 19 months

img_4685You have really grown over the last month, i look at you now and can’t believe how tall you are getting. Nothing is out of our reach now, you can open the cupboards to the unit in the front room and get all of your clothes out of drawers so that you can dress peppa. You also know which cupboard in the kitchen your snacks are kept in and will go up to it and bang the door until daddy or me give in and get you something.


Your final two bottom teeth still haven’t managed to push themselves all the way through yet but they aren’t to far off and your not bothered by them at all. This week you have managed to chip one of your front top teeth, I’m just glad that you have done it now and it’s your baby teeth. The edge seems quite sharp and although it doesn’t seem to be bothering you i think i might take you to the dentist to get it checked out.img_4420

Your hair is just getting longer and longer, it will soon be time for another cut. I have been saying this for a while but keep putting it off. The colour has pretty much stayed the same, you have some really blonde, almost white bits and then at the back its more red.


Your still a pretty eater. Your favourite foods at the moment are cheese and tomato pizza or pasta. You have a big appetite, often having breakfast, lunch and tea at nursery and then coming home and having some dinner with daddy and me. I like the fact that we can sit down each evening and have a family meal.img_4485

You have a real sweet tooth just like mummy and have taken a liking to cake at the moment after we made some princess fairy cakes. You and daddy will often sit on an evening and have an angel cake together before your bed time.


Your generally really happy and can sometimes be a bit cheeky. When you are over tired though you have been known for some quite big tantrums


You really don’t like being woken up for nursery in the mornings at the moment. You usually let me take your pjs off and then you will climb back into bed before i can change your nappy and get you dressed.img_4582

When you are at nursery you usually have two naps, one after lunch and one after tea before we come and pick you up.

At home on the weekends you will often sleep in until 8 or 9 o clock and then just have one long afternoon nap, sometimes for up to three hours.


You still love your books, you often sit pretending to reading them to your teddies and dolly. Now that you can open cupboard you also like to get all of your puzzles out and your getting really good at being able to fit the pieces into the correct places.

Mark-making is also a big love of yours at the moment, especially when we get the paints out. Although you have started to get a bit funny about your hands being dirty.img_4762

The musical christmas teddies have got to be favourite at the moment though. You like to dance along to their music and get really excited by them.


December is such an exciting month, we have having lots of fun with our Elf on the shelf and trips to see santa. I can’t wait to see your face when you get your christmas presents.


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