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Would you let your child use a potty in public?

Potty Training can be pretty hard going for some.

I have heard so many people saying that they spent a week not leaving the house trying to potty train their children. That just isn’t normal life. I was determined that we weren’t going to let potty training get in the way of us venturing out and about.

So.. would you let your child use a potty in public?

The answer for me is most definitely, yes!

Isn’t going to the toilet a basic need. Like being fed? In my eyes it is no different to breastfeeding. If my daughter needs to toilet then she shall go.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about getting the potty out in the middle of a supermarket or restaurant when there are perfectly good toilets near by. But what if you were at the park like us today? The nearest toilet was a good 15 minute walk away. With it only being day two of potty training i knew that wouldn’t be close enough. Luckily i had thought head and put the potty in the car before we left the house.

After a quick dash out of the park and across the road i placed Olivia on her potty next to the car. Wishing seconds she had done a wee. We got some funny looks off some passers by, but i really don’t care. Im sure there would of been more of an issue if she had wee’d in the park.

What are your thoughts? Would you let your child use a potty when out and about?

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