Dear Mummy and Daddy, It’s me your Anxious Toddler

Dear Mummy and Daddy,

It’s me your anxious toddler. Sometimes i just can’t find the words to explain my behaviour. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be bad but sometimes everything just gets a bit overwhelming.

Like when we get home from a long day at Nursery and you ask me what snack i would like. They all sound so good its hard for me to make a decision. Then i pick one and realise that i have made a mistake and would actually like something else. I know that this frustrates me, it frustrates me too.

I know that dressing me can be a hassle. Who’s idea was it that we should wear clothes anyway? Being naked is so much better. Then there’s shoes. Don’t even get me started on them. Shoes hurt my feet. Sometimes they are to loose and sometimes they feel really tight. My crocs and my wellies are my favourites. Can’t i just wear these all the time? I can even put them on by myself.

I like to know where you are at all times. I follow you everywhere. Especially when we are somewhere we don’t go very often or with people i don’t see much. I get scared if i don’t know where you are. Sometimes i don’t even play so that i know where you are. The worst is when you go to the toilet and don’t tell me or when you don’t let me in. I sit and wait outside the door hoping that you don’t disappear.

Night time is the worst of all. I have my special lights so it isn’t to dark but i still have to stay in my room all alone. Sometimes i get scared that something scary might creep into my room. Who will protect me if you aren’t there? Sometimes i cry to get you to come back. But when i start to close my eyes you sneak off again. I much prefer it in your bed where i know you are close by but you say that sleepovers are just for special occasions.

Sometimes we run out of time. Where does the time even run to? I don’t understand why you said we could go to the park and now we don’t have time. There are other times when I’m really enjoying playing and you say it’s time to tidy up. I’m not quite done yet though. Not all of the teddies have been fed and baby just won’t go to sleep.

I know that some of these things annoy you and that sometimes you are just as frustrated as me but there are so many scary things that can hurt me. Even when I’m unconsolable continue to be patient with me. Offer me cuddles when i push you away. You are my safe place in this crazy world.

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1 thought on “Dear Mummy and Daddy, It’s me your Anxious Toddler”

  1. Bless your little one’s cotton socks! “You are my safe place in this crazy world” is probably one of the cutest things I have ever read. I am sure your little one means every single word that you have just written, even if she won’t say it to you. She looks adorable!x

    Claire |

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