Blogtober day 2 – 5 Things I Miss About the Newborn Stage

When your a new mum you learn as you go. Even though i have worked with children since i left senior school having your own is very different. Olivia is now 2 and a half and i have loved watching her grown and develop. There is something very special about those newborn days.

It seems like forever ago that Olivia was a little precious newborn. I do love the age that she is at now, she has such a great personality. But if I’m honest i miss those newborn days too.

The 5 top things i miss about life with a newborn are –

1. The cuddles 

I miss the days that i would sit there cradling her in my arms, watching her sleep. I could lay her on my chest and she would stay there all content peacefully sleeping. It’s very rare to get a cuddle now. I mean a proper cuddle not just a quick hug goodbye or goodnight. The only time i really get proper snuggly cuddles now is when she is poorly.

2. Naps 

I miss when we would snuggle up and have a little nap together. Some of my favourite photos are of us napping in those newborn days.

3. Night Feeds 

That feeling of it just being the two of you while the rest of the world sleeps. Quiet snuggles in the dark that are totally uninterrupted.

4. Being surrounded by loved ones 

With everybody wanting to meet the new addition and offer help and support. The first few days and weeks you are wrapped up in love with visits from your family and friends. Everybody joins together with this tiny baby at the centre of it all.

5. The teeny newborn clothes

Even before Olivia was born i used to love sorting her clothes. Nothing is cuter, clothes in bigger sizes is just not the same.

Maybe on day i may get to experience it all again. What do you miss about the newborn days?

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20 thoughts on “Blogtober day 2 – 5 Things I Miss About the Newborn Stage”

  1. William is just turning 6 months so we’re still figuring a lot of things out.. I don’t think I will miss these night feeds! But there is something special about a tiny person that just trusts and needs you completely. Plus little clothes are super cute.

  2. I never had the pleasure and joy of going through the newborn years as I adopted my little ones at 3 and 5 – but even so, I look back at my son at 3 and miss so many of the similar things you miss. What a lovely post 🙂

  3. My third is only six months old but he’s seems so far from newborn it’s crazy. I miss the long feed and fall asleep cuddles, he prefers to be put down now. I’m gutted!!

  4. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the biggest fan of babies (even my own!) but there are few things that are really special about having a newborn – those sleepy cuddles are definitely one of them. #Blogtober

  5. I can definitely relate to these points, i missed the teeny newborn clothes on the washing line and those dead of the night cuddles, but im excited to do it all again with baby number 2 x x #Blogtober2017

  6. I totally agree with all of this. My little one is nearly 2 and a half too, so I would have been nightfeeding around the time you were 🙂 those feelings of being the only two people awake for miles around is amazing

  7. I miss the snuggly feeds and having a little nap together and that new born smell. I’m a real baby person and with the youngest being 4 it is quite a while ago Now!

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