14 Things I Have Learnt Since Becoming a Parent

Becoming a parent is such an exciting and daunting time. I’m not going to lie there is going to be bad days but they are far out numbered by the good.

I can’t remember life before Olivia came along. It feels like she has always been a part of our lives but it was actually just over two and a half years ago. Time really does fly by when you are having fun.

I’ve learnt so much along the way and no doubt will learn even more in the years ahead. Here are the top 10 things that I learnt.

1. The feeling of pride everyday is something that you’ll want to bottle

Every day I feel so proud. So proud to be a mum. So proud of the little girl that Olivia is growing up to be. Every little new thing that she does just makes be beam inside. The amount of pride far outweighs the tantrums and the times when those listening ears aren’t working.

2. You can never take enough photos

Even if they are of the same thing, there is no such thing as to many photos. After all a picture tells a thousands words and can be treasured forever. They change so quickly and if your anything like me you will want to document every minute.

3. Being able to multitask is a essential

Not only have I learnt to do several things at once but I have learnt to do them at speed. It really has become second nature.

4. The world feels like a much scarier place

My anxiety has gone through the roof since having Olivia. I’m constantly thinking up the worse cause scenarios and then convincing myself that they are going to happen. It doesn’t matter how unlikely the scenario may be it is definitely going to happen. I find myself wanting to wrap her up in cotton wool to protect her from the big wide world out there.

5. How much I respect my own mum

This parenting malarky is hard work. Mums and Dads alike are amazing. We all take our mums for granted at times but when you become one yourself this all changes. Even though it may not seem like it at the time your mum always has your best interests at heart,

6. Cutting fingernails is like completing minor surgery

Cutting those teeny tiny nails is a tricky business. If I can get away with it never cut Olivia’s and opt to leave it to Adam. the fact that she doesn’t like having them cut really doesn’t help at times although she is much better now.

7. Working full time whilst trying to raise a small human can be tough

Besides the obvious lack of sleep its easy to start to resent your job because its another thing that takes you away from your new favourite thing in the whole world. But eventually you will find the right work/life balance for you.

8. You need to be flexible

Whether you are a routine parent or a go with the flow parent its important to remain flexible. You will soon learn that anything can happen at any time. Don’t get to fixed on any one thing, parenting is a lot less stressful if your not hung up on how things should be. And bare in mind that just because something has previously worked doesn’t mean its going to continue to be that way.

9. Comparison will kill you

It really doesn’t matter what everybody else’s child is doing. No two children are the same. It’s important to remember that your child is an individual and will do things in their own time. There is no rule book for parenting and nobody is an expert. Just ensure that you are following your instincts.

10. Lead my example

Children are like sponges, soaking up everything that hear and see around them. Be a good role model and lead by example.

11. Your friendships will change

Through no fault of their own your childless friends will carry on with their live oblivious to the magnitude of parenthood that you are experience. They have no idea of what its like and this will stay that way until their experience parenthood for themselves.

12. When people say they grown up way to quick its true

Literally in a bling of an eye our tiny little baby is now a fully fledge little girl seeking independence. Treasure every moment.

13. There’s always a positive

Some days will be hard. Sometimes will see you turning to a glass of wine, breaking down in tears and generally just loosing you s**t. But there is always a positive, sometimes you just have to look a little a harder.

14. Finally, never stop believing in yourself

Parenting is no mean feat and you are doing brilliantly.


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