The 8 Addictions of Toddlers

As soon your child is able to take in the world around them their addictions start. To begin with these little addictions seem quite cute but soon they become rather annoying. Below you can find a find a list of Olivia’s current addictions, some of them new and some of them old.

1. Bath Bombs

I can’t remember the last time that she had a bath without bath bomb. What started as something quite, with her wanting to have baths like mummy has now turned into an addiction. She knows exactly where the Lush goodies are kept and if she runs out of her own will talk me into sharing mine with her.

2. £1 Machines

Olivia has often been known to make a grab from for the change at the self-service in the supermarket and make a beeline for the £1 machines. I just don’t get what is so fascinating about mini Disney princess on a piece of string or a dog in a tin box. These silly little toys have more often than not been dropped and lost in the back of the car before we even make it home.

3. Plastic Crap

Along with the £1 machine pointless toys there are numerous over pieces or plastic crap littering the house. And she is like a hawk with them. Don’t dare try and accidentally bin any of it and she will instantly notice and declare her undying love for said toy. Although to be fair on the odd occasion this plastic crap has kept her entertained long enough for me to knock up some dinner or go for a wee in piece.

4. Wellies

I don’t know why I bothered buying her any other kinds of shows for this winter. She now lives in her two pairs of wellies. And yes two pairs, because she can’t possible wear them if they are dirty. I mean how outrageous to have dirty wellies.

5. Fruit Shoots

Every time I find myself in the supermarket I declare that they are just for her to have when we go out for the day. But low and behold an hour after getting home there are at least two already open, must probably leaking over the furniture and carpet where she hasn’t shut them properly.

6. Snacks

Although, when snacks to Olivia generally mean sweets or crisps. As soon as she is up and dressed she will be asking for a snack. Breakfast as soon as she gets to nursery just isn’t good enough anymore she has to have something to eat in the car on the way. Then as soon as I pick her up on an evening its the first thing she asks for. It doesn’t stop once we get home either. They all have to go in their own bowl or on their own plate too. Plates and bowls that I then find myself clearing away which said snack still in place once she has gone to bed.

7. Netflix

Ok, so I know Adam and I are part to blame for this one. Its not like she was born knowing what Netflix was and how to work it. But seriously who knew there were so many episodes of Peppa Pig, Patrol and The Wiggles. Her screen time is limited especially during the week and to be fair a lot of the time it is just background noise but you turn it off and she soon notices.

8. Soft Toys

Now I think this one is as much my addiction as her’s. We have so many of the things that they are soon going to need their own room. But still we keep buying them? She is soon going to have her own soft toy zoo. Her teddies are the one thing that she is guaranteed to play with everyday though. Even if it is to tell them off and sit them in time out because they aren’t listening.

Children are so funny in their little ways. Do your children have any addictions?

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